In an entrepreneurial spirit, the Grade 3 and 4 students of l’école élémentaire catholique Curé Labrosse in Saint-Eugène want to modernize and equip the kitchen of their school to be able to make their own hot meals, sales of school desserts and any other entrepreneurial activity involving parents and members of the community.

The idea came from an activity that was carried out last year in partnership with producers and organizations in the region. The students had prepared haskapberry jam and smoothies – inventing and creating their own recipe.

Through the cooking activities, all students in the school will be directly involved in the process by planning the dishes, concocting them and then selling them as hot meals at lunchtime. A number of subjects will be highlighted through the process, including French, Mathematics and Science.

Our students are motivated in authentic concrete tasks that allow them to undertake their learning as initiator, director and project manager,” said the school’s assistant director Nathalie Ladouceur. “While discovering new interests, students benefit from and learn about the richness of work with our community partners.”

The project was born thanks to the Desjardins Foundation Prize, Ladouceur noted.

Originally created under the name Notre-Dame-de-Fatima, l’école élémentaire catholique Curé Labrosse has a rich tradition in teaching excellence and offers innovative programs to nearly 100 young people from Kindergarten to Grade 6. In June 2019, the school received the provincial EcoSchools certification for its environmental commitment.