To The Editor,

It seems the world is in so much turbulence that this pandemic has been a real game changer, bringing to the forefront our own mortality. How do Canadians react? It seems they all need to do is some renovating, or buy a bike, or a dog, or a cat, skis, snowshoes, RV’s, trailers, etc. It seems they all want to do all they can to stay healthy without ever thinking of lifting a finger to try and keep the earth healthy.

I still see lineups at drive-thru coffee businesses, sitting, letting their vehicles idle while they wait to get a coffee in a non-recyclable cup from a Brazilian-owned corporation that has been destroying the rainforest, all because they are too damn lazy to make one at home in a reusable cup.

The change of the climate is still very evident, after a winter starting in late January resulting in about one third of the usual amount of snowfall, and the winds. Ah yes, the winds with no trees to slow them down, they’ll be howling quite a bit from here on in, so much for the topsoil.

I believe in history and I believe in science. History tells me we’ve already been here before and it didn’t end well. Science tells me that mass deforestation changes local weather patterns and not in a good way. Me, I figure we’re setting ourselves up for a stretch of severe droughts in the years to come.

I still believe forest and farming complement each other, but now some landowners want to be financially compensated for their woodlots. They are expecting compensation from the very government that orchestrated this mass deforestation fiasco to ensure bigger farms so they wouldn’t have to mess around with the small farms. Were governments simply cutting down on their political workload?

People expecting to be compensated for woodlots stand about as much chance as Indigenous people getting clean drinking water: none at all.

The rest of the world seems to be planting trees by the billions, doing their part to try and save the future, but here in Canada we know better, we’re not losers like the rest of them, we’re in it for the money, screw the trees, screw the planet, screw the future. We’re Canadians, what is a Canadian, what have we become? We’re being sold to the highest bidder. We’re part of the Commonwealth, aren’t we? Wasn’t Hong Kong also?

Stay safe, be polite,

Andy Perreault, Vankleek Hill