A new group has been set up in Hudson, Quebec to help promote the diverse eating establishments in the town.

Hudson à Table has been created by the Hudson Hospitality Association (HHA), as a one-stop destination for information on restaurants and all things food in the region. The hospitality association was created last spring at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a way for local businesses in the hospitality industry to pool together their resources in an effort to save costs, share information and help each other during difficult times.

“Growing up, all restaurants were competing with each other, but we’re all in a small town in Hudson, so competing with each other doesn’t make sense,” commented HHA President Andrew Dumas, owner of Casse Croute Chez Sauvé in Hudson.

Member of the hospitality association discuss food-industry-related issues in the region and help strengthen local businesses by sharing marketing efforts.A marketing initiative has been developed as a way to cross-market all members via website and social media accounts and to promote all Hudson businesses which are in the hospitality or food business in Hudson.

Launched by the HHA last month, Hudson à Table www.hudsonatable.com will promote events, contests, and culinary activities within the town, to encourage more interaction and participation, while helping to promote the town’s restaurants, farms, specialty shops and venues.

“We want to advertise to the world that all types of restaurants are here in Hudson and we all work together,” Dumas said, adding the group has already begin development of online seminars to help promote food in the community. “We have master classes that we’re setting up, where you will be able to cook with your favorite Hudson restaurant chef.”

Hudson features five-star restaurants, charming breakfast spots, exceptional local farms and the only biological orchard in the area Dumas noted. The town also has its own micro brasserie, cozy cafes and bistros with live music.

“Our goal is to create a one stop media source, to cross-market and share all that Hudson has to offer,” Dumas said, adding visitors are now able to visit one social page and see all of the many food options in Hudson and the surrounding area.

The Hudson Hospitality Association has grown quickly since it was first conceived last year.

“Just about every restaurant in town is part of the association – also the bars and bed and breakfasts,” Dumas said. “I tell people it’s from bars to beds and everything in between.”

Dumas said he expects the group to continue to grow as more food establishments and members of the community at large become aware of the initiative.

‘It’s still very early – we still don’t really know what we need,” said Dumas, adding the hospitality association has approached the local, provincial and federal governments for support. “We are looking for sponsorship and want to also get suppliers involved.”