Hawkesbury and District General Hospital (HGH) has provided an update on the COVID-19 outbreak at the hospital that was declared on one of the inpatient units on the afternoon of March 17.

Two or more cases of COVID-19 in a facility constitutes an official outbreak.  All outbreaks are declared and managed in collaboration with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.  HGH is assuring the public that its priority continues to be the safety of patients, their families, employees, physicians, and the community.

As of March 19, 2021, there were a total of 11 active cases with 8 patients and 3 staff that have tested positive for COVID-19 at HGH.

As part of the hospital’s ongoing Pandemic Response Action Plan and in alignment with the hospital’s infection prevention and control guidelines, a number of initiatives have been implemented. These include:

  • Enhanced screening for all individuals entering our hospital, including staff.
  • Opening of two COVID-19 Assessment Centres (Hawkesbury and Casselman).
  • Designated hospital unit for COVID-19 patients.

When an outbreak is declared on a unit, additional measures are put into place. These include:

  • Closing the unit to any new admissions.
  • Monitoring and testing of staff, professional staff and patients regardless of symptoms.
  • Contact tracing where appropriate for possible exposure of patients and staff.
  • Enhanced cleaning on the unit, including all common areas on the unit.
  • Continuous review of all high-risk workflows to ensure the highest level of compliance.

HGH has distinct zones of services in its building that limit the movement from one sector to another, enhancing safety and containing transmission. The hospital remains open in such areas as Emergency Department, Medical Imaging, Outpatient Clinics, Family Birthing Centre and Day Surgery. Patients can access these areas and receive safe care.