Spring is right around the corner! As I sit here in the sun soaking in the warm weather, I reflect on what the coming of spring signifies. Every year spring brings warmer weather, sunshine, rain, and new life. Spring gives me a sense of renewal and excitement for new beginnings. Spring also brings babies! Newborns, no matter what the species, can bring so much joy into a person’s life. I recently went to visit a best friend and her new born baby boy. He is absolutely perfect! It’s so exciting for me to have a close friend with a little one as well. Visiting their precious little angel filled me with joy, but it also brought some sadness to my heart. It was a reality check on how much has changed in less than two years.

As farmers, we are fortunate not to have our day-to-day routines affected too much by the pandemic lockdowns. We still go about our daily tasks, ensuring animal health, productivity, crop management etc., remain the same. Apart from the cancellations of our yearly events, such as the fairs or the Holstein Club Family night; excuses for a hardworking community to take a break, our livelihood is not affected too harshly. Thankfully! However, this does make it easy to forget how much the world really has changed.

When my little man was born, there was no extra fear of hospitals. Masks didn’t need to be worn. My parents and sister were able to come directly into the delivery room and the above-mentioned friend was the first to visit and get baby cuddles. The joy a new member of the family brings was felt at it’s fullest through hugs, kisses, cuddles and tears. Now with the roles reversed my experience was a very different one.

I triple layered my masks, washed my hands three times and did not get too close to the little man due to the fear that is forever in the back of our minds. It’s very sad and frustrating that this is what the world has come to. Not only do new parents need to worry about proper feeding, lack of sleep, crying, constant diaper changing, and baby spit up, but they also must worry about who they let into their home and who holds their angels. They face a loneliness pre-COVID parents did not experience. My heart goes out to all the parents who have had or will be having a baby during this pandemic. Having my family and friends close by for support, comfort, advice and babysitting helped get me through the struggles that come along with being a new mom. Any mom who can get through these times with a newborn, without constant support like I had, is a supermom!

Thankfully the warm weather should be here to stay soon, so more opportunities to get outside together for walks, park play dates and driveway visits will be possible. We all need the positive comfort we can gain from some vitamin D, fresh air and good company!