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25 Years Ago
CN’s bid to sell railway line concerns Ivaco
The Review, January 10, 1996 – CN’s bid to sell it’s railway line between Glen Robertson and Hawkesbury has caused concern for one of the region’s largest industries. Ivaco Inc. of L’Orignal, relies on the freight train service provided on a 4.4-mile spur line between Hawkesbury and its steel mills. Several other smaller customers in Hawkesbury are served by the railway line. The 25-mile railway, known as the Vankleek Hill subdivision, carries freight only and is serviced six days a week and on Sunday on an as-required basis.

50 Years Ago
Burning trash damages truck at new public school
The Review, January 13, 1971 – On Friday, January 8, workers cleaning trash from the new Prescott County Public School built a fire between the school and a Taggart Service Ltd. Trailer parked 12-feet-from the building. The fire was left unattended at the end of the day. Stanley McIlwain, security guard at the school, discovered the fire had spread to tires of the trailer when he was making his regular rounds of the school at 4:45 pm. Mr. McIlwain did his best to control the fire by throwing snow on it, but was unable to extinguish it. Unable to operate the extinguisher and with no key to reach the school’s phone, he ran across the road to the road to a home for assistance. The VKH Fire Department was called and were able to put out the fire with only minor damage to the trailer.

75 Years Ago
Rhodes Scholarship for local boy
The Review, January 10, 1946 – Considerable satisfaction was voiced by many of our citizens when the news was received on Friday last that Bert MacKinnon, one of our local boys, had been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship, which will entitle him to attend Oxford University in England for three years. The youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John MacKinnon, Vankleek Hill, was born at St. Eugene on June 22, 1921 and received early schooling at the Vankleek Hill Public School and the Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute.

100 Years Ago
New rink at VCI for students
The Review, January 14, 1921 – Everyone is back at school again eager to win out in the “last lap.” It seems the holidays were just the thing to put “pep” into the students. And then when some small person came and spread the big news that a rink was being built in town, well “we’ll tell the world,” nearly everyone went wild and there isn’t a pupil who hasn’t a good word for Mr. Morrison, the gentleman who has taken charge of the rink.

125 Years Ago
Gospel Temperance Meeting
The Review, January 10, 1896 – A Gospel Temperance Meeting under the auspices of the WCTU will be held in the Presbyterian Church on Monday, January 13th, beginning at 7:30. Addresses will be delivered by the local and other clergymen. Suitable music will be provided. A silver collection will be taken. A cordial invitation is extended to all friends of the temperance cause and the public generally.

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