10 Years ago
Area accommodation scarce for IPM
The Review, February 9, 2011 – The 2011 International Plowing Match is still more than seven months away, but accommodation in the vicinity of Chute-a-Blondeau is becoming scarce. “We’ve been booked up since last spring, but we’re still getting half a dozen calls a week,” said John Hockett, owner of the Cranberry House Bed and Breakfast on Highway 34.

25 Years Ago
Prescott-Russell municipalities must amalgamate
The Review, February 7, 1996 – One way or another, Prescott-Russell municipalities will amalgamate within the next year. The 18 municipalities can reduce their number through negotiated voluntary mergers. Or the Ontario government will intervene to create larger, self-sufficient municipalities that no longer rely on provincial support.

50 Years Ago
Carnival will go on despite arena closure
The Review, February 10, 1971 – Carnival ’71 will get underway this Friday night even though the arena is closed. Through the generosity of the Public School Board, as well as Mr. Wyman Bradford, the activities originally planned are to be held. All outdoor activities will be held at the Public School, with indoor activities held at the High School. The arena and community centre have been closed indefinitely after an inspection showed they are in very dangerous condition.

75 Years Ago
Riceville farmer nearly gasses family
The Review, February 7, 1946 – An experiment performed by Riceville farmer Gerald Rowe on Saturday afternoon last, might have been a serious affair if prompt action had not been taken. Mr. Rowe and his son Orville, in an attempt to gas out rats from the cellar with a hose extended from the exhaust pipe of his car, unfortunately gassed himself and his son. They managed to reach the door, but his son had to be carried outside and given medical care. Family members inside the house escaped with only slight effects from the fumes.

100 Years Ago
VCI Junior hockey team falls to Hawkesbury
The Review February 11, 1921 – The Junior team of the Collegiate played a game of hockey with the Juniors of Hawkesbury High School on Tuesday evening. Though the large crowd of spectators tried to cheer the small players of the Institute to victory, the game ended with a score of 10-2 in favour of Hawkesbury. Though the defeated team was somewhat fatigued, they were still not depressed and feeling rather wealthy after they received the gate receipts, celebrating Hawkesbury’s victory by partaking in a banquet which they held at M.A. Morrison’s restaurant, where several toasts were raised.

125 Years Ago
Noon mail now arrives earlier
The Review February 7, 1896 – The morning train from Glen Roberston arrives here now at 11:40 am instead of 12:05 noon. This brings the noon mail in three-quarters of an hour earlier than previous, an improvement.

Photo and caption reprinted from the February 9, 2011, edition of The Review.