Studies are being done to determine the future of a dam in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge.  The dam is located at the outlet of Lac Carson, a small lake located north of Autoroute 50 and west of chemin Scotch.

According to Grenville-sur-la-Rouge Mayor Tom Arnold, the lake was expropriated in the 1970’s by the Village of Grenville to use as a water reservoir.  A higher dam was constructed to increase the capacity of the reservoir.  The village no longer uses the lake and gets its water supply from wells instead.  Grenville-sur-la-Rouge wants to repair the dam and reduce its height so that the lake can be preserved.

“We’re just trying to do things in a way that can keep the original lake,” Arnold said.

Reducing the height of the dam will also reduce any safety risks associated with the structure.

The environmental studies to determine what changes could be made to the dam could cost up to $15,000, said Arnold.  The outcome of the studies will help determine the cost of the actual dam work.

The Québec government funds up to 66 per cent of the cost of dam repair projects, but the must be completed before the municipality may apply for the funding.

“We’re just at a preliminary stage,” said Arnold.