The number of active cases of COVID-19 under Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) jurisdiction had decreased by 25 as of Tuesday, January 26.  On Monday, January 25, there were 499 active cases under EOHU jurisdiction, and there were 472 as of Tuesday.

There were 22 COVID-19 patients from the EOHU’s territory in hospital as of January 26 and six of those patients were in intensive care.  The statistics on COVID-19 patients in hospital and under intensive care had not change since January 25.

The number of deaths resulting from COVID-19 across the area served by the EOHU remained at 52 on Tuesday.

Long-term care outbreaks

As of January 26, COVID-19 outbreaks of two or more cases were in effect at the following long-term care, retirement, and group living facilities under EOHU jurisdiction:

Heritage Lodge in Vankleek Hill

Rideau Place in Hawkesbury

Pinecrest Nursing Home in Plantagenet

Maxville Manor

Foyer St-Jacques in Embrun

Foyer St-Viateur Nursing Home in Limoges

Valoris Group Home in Cheney

Lancaster Long-Term Care

Baldwin House in Cornwall

Sandfield Place Long-Term Care in Cornwall

Riverview Manor in Cornwall

Cornwall Community Hospital—JMP 2500 and 2600 pods

Glen Stor Dun Lodge in Cornwall

Iakhihsohtha Lodge in Akwesasne

TSIIonKwa NonhSoTe Long-Term Care in Akwesasne

Woodland Villa in Long Sault

Vaccination situation

As of Tuesday, 2,267 people living across the EOHU’s territory had been vaccinated against COVID-19.  No Pfizer vaccines are being delivered to Canada this week, which has caused a delay in further vaccination plans locally.  However, the EOHU is supposed to receive 200 doses of the Moderna vaccine this week.  Pfizer deliveries are supposed to return during the first week of February, but EOHU Medical Officer of Health Dr. Paul Roumeliotis said on Monday that he has not received confirmation of delivery from Pfizer for the two following weeks.

Due to the present shortage of vaccines, the EOHU was able to vaccinate both the residents and employees of seven long-term care facilities under its jurisdiction.  Only residents were vaccinated at nine long-term care facilities after a provincial directive was given to prioritize the doses available for residents.  The Moderna doses arriving this week will be for residents of high-risk retirement homes.

Ontario statistics

The Provincewide Shutdown and stay-at-home order remain in effect across the province of Ontario until February 9.  Roumeliotis said on January 25 that if the current downward trend of new cases continues, the order will not likely be extended, but it will depend on the situation during the next two weeks.

As of January 26, there were 1,740 new, active cases of COVID-19 across Ontario from January 25.  According to calculations based on statistics from the Ministry of Health, there were 23,036 active cases of COVID-19 across Ontario as of Tuesday.

There were 1,466 COVID-19 patients in hospital across Ontario as of January 26.  Out of those patients, 383 were in intensive care, and 298 patients were on ventilators.

There had been 5,909 deaths due to COVID-19 across Ontario as of January 26, which was an increase of 63 deaths from January 25.

COVID-19 cases under EOHU jurisdiction, Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

Map: Eastern Ontario Health Unit.