10 Years ago
Post office to unveil Higginson Tower postmark
The Review, December 15, 2010 – Certain items in the mail stream will have a unique Vankleek Hill postmark in the near future. Canada Post announced it has created a new unique philatelic cancellation to commemorate the historical Higginson Tower, a well-known heritage building in Vankleek Hill.

25 Years Ago
Vankleek Hill residents petition against Hawkesbury water
The Review, December 13, 1995 – Wielding a 483-name petition, angry Vankleek Hill residents have demanded that town council stop a pipeline project that would bring drinking water in from Hawkesbury. About 40 citizens crowded into the town hall Monday night to complain that they could not afford the charge which would be imposed to finance the construction and operation of the new system. Members of a delegation predicted dire consequences if the project proceeded.

50 Years Ago
VKH Santa Claus Parade biggest ever held
The Review, December 16, 1970 – The Santa Claus Parade of 1970 is now history and congratulations for organizing the most successful parade ever go to the Jaycees, and especially to Chairman Paul Emile Duval and Garnet Stephens. The jolly old man, Santa himself, had a busy day – in addition to riding in the parade and distributing well in excess of 1,000 bags of goodies to the children,, he made several calls to private homes where children were shut-in, as well as visiting local nursing homes and the girls and Sisters at St. Mary’s Convent.

75 Years Ago
Nearly $2 million cheese sold on local Cheese Board
The Review, December 20, 1945 – According to figures just released, covering its operations for the season of 1945, The Vankleek Hill Cheese Board has again established its position as the biggest cheese board in Canada, and thus the biggest cheese board in the world. In doing this, this organization set an all-time record for itself both in the volume and the value of cheese handled. The important increase is accounted for to a large extent by the fact that during the months of July and August production of cheese was maintained at a level far above that of former years.

100 Years Ago
A Curling Club Formed
The Review, December 17, 1920 – On Tuesday evening a meeting of the curling enthusiasts was held in the Council Chamber, and a curling club for Vankleek Hill formed. The Rev. Dr. Howard was elected president and immediately took the chair. A board of directors was elected and empowered to go ahead and repair the old bowling club building and put it in shape for ice and expect to have the rink in full swing about New Years.

125 Years Ago
Magnificent ovation for Laurier in Vankleek Hill
The Review, December 6, 1895 – To say the Liberal demonstration of Thursday was a magnificent success is but mildly stating the question. Such an outburst of popular enthusiasm has never before been witnessed in Vankleek Hill, fully 3,000 persons turned out to honor the leader of the Liberal party. Earlier in the day sleigh loads of electors from all parts of the county began pouring into the village. The came from Alfred, Fournier, L’Orignal, Hawkesbury, Barb, St. Eugene and all other points, also from Rigaud and a large number from the county of Glengarry.