10 Years ago
Cash and cookies raise funds for St. Paul’s Chapel
The Review, December 8, 2010 – Cash and cookies. It was a combination of those two things that helped raise the nearly $5,000 needed to pay for the severance required to place the care and future of St. Paul’s Chapel in the hands of the community. Dalkeith History Club member Frances Fraser explained that various member of the community made personal donations totaling around $3,000, while a one-day cookie sale at Scotiabank in Vankleek Hill netted just over $1,000, with the bank matching the funds to help reach the $5,000 goal.

25 Years Ago
Cassette launch a celebration of local talent
The Review, December 6, 1995 – Ten local artists treated the crowd to a wide variety of sounds Sunday night, from eardrum-piercing hard rock to soothing ballads. “Eastern Roots”, a collaborative cassette bringing together 10 local artists, was launched officially at Hawkesbury’s Bon Air Golf Club. Some 200 people cheered the performers in the opening concert.

50 Years Ago
Dalkeith youth wins Citizen Calf Club Award
The Review, December 9, 1970 – Thomas McPhee, Dalkeith, who completed 12 projects with distinction, was presented with The Ottawa Citizen annual Calf Club Award of $125 at a recent annual 4-H Club Awards Night held in the Glengarry District High School. As an outstanding all-round member in Glengarry County, Lyle Howes, Dalkeith, was awarded the George Croll Citizenship Trophy.

75 Years Ago
The covered rink campaign resumed
The Review, December 6, 1945 – The canvassing for funds for the erection of The Memorial Rink will be resumed this week. Immediately prior to the 9th Victory Loan drive it was suggested by the District Chairman of the National War Finance Committee that the rink curtail its canvassing in order that the 9th Victory Loan effort might achieve the greatest possible success locally. This week our programme again gets underway. The rink is going to be built. We hope to have it completed by late summer 1946, providing that material shortages do not cause too much delay.

100 Years Ago
Big sale of very valuable Holstein cattle
The Review, December 3, 1920 – An exceptionally interesting sale to the people of Vankleek Hill and the surrounding district is the sale of Mr. D.A McPhee’s Pure Bred herd of Holsteins on Wednesday, December 8, 1920. Mr. McPhee has been at the pure bred business since boyhood and has spent unlimited time and money in making and building up a herd and we believe that he has one that will compare very favorably with anything that can be produced in the Holstein line. Of course it is always the case that a man’s efforts are not always appreciated in his home community.

125 Years Ago
Male teachers to go extinct?
The Review, December 6, 1895 – Mr. J.T. Bowerman, president of the Ottawa Teacher’s Association, at a meeting of that organization on Saturday, predicted that if matters continue as they are going it will not be long before male teachers will be completely extinct.