10 Years ago
Temporary agreement reached on snowmobile trail
The Review, December 22, 2010 – For the next three months, residents of Petite Quartorze Rd. will likely be keeping a close eye on a new snowmobile trail along the road. After submitting a petition to council last month in which 100 per cent of the road’s residents signed to opposed the trail, a handful of residents grudgingly came to a temporary agreement on the issue with East Hawkesbury council members on December 13.

25 Years Ago
Big boost for area ambulance service
The Review, December 20, 1995 – Defibrillators to help heart attack victims and drugs to deal with allergic reactions will be provided to ambulance attendants in Prescott-Russell and Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry, the Ontario Ministry of Health has announced. The chances of area residents surviving a medical emergency will improve greatly as a result of the improvements said Rene Berthiaume, owner of Hawkesbury’s Noel Ambulance Service and president of the Canadian Confederation of Ambulance Service Associations.

50 Years Ago
Near 1200 telephones in Vankleek Hill
The Review, December 23, 1970 – The number of telephones serviced by Bell Canada has passed 6,000,000 mark. The six millionth phone was installed earlier this week, according to a company announcement. There are 1,190 telephones in service in Vankleek Hill and 8,143 phones which customers can reach without paying long-distance charges.

75 Years Ago
Local service men return home to families
The Review, December 27, 1945 – Several families found that Christmas was brighter this year, with their service men returning home. Among those who have recently returned are Joe Sanky, Scotty Simpson, Cameron Hubbs, Lee Nicholas, J. Baldock, Frank Anderson and Norman Ewen.

100 Years Ago
A German gun for Vankleek Hill
The Review, December 17, 1920 – Vankleek Hill is to have a German 77mm, Gun No. 6943, and probably before this is in print it will be here. Mr. W.I. Dunning, our town clerk, received the shipping bill of same, at the same time that he was notified a gun had been allotted to the town. It has taken a long time for the government to give us a war trophy, but Mr. Dunning kept up a steady bombardment of the Department until they came across. No doubt that Vankleek Hill will give the war trophy a proper location and will pride themselves on keeping it in excellent shape.

125 Years Ago
Barn fire in Maxville threatens entire village
The Review, December 20, 1895 – A barn belonging to Mr. Grant, of the Village of Maxville, was destroyed by fire on Tuesday night. The fire was discovered in Grant’s barn about half past eleven on Tuesday night and the alarm soon brought out the citizens in large numbers. The barn was situated almost in the centre of the village, just in the rear of the town hall, with other buildings in close proximity, which were with difficulty saved. Had the rear wall of the town hall not been of solid brick without openings it would have been almost impossible to save, as there was only about four feet between the hall and the barn. The absence of wind and the fact that the roofs of all of the buildings were covered in snow along prevented the almost entire destruction of the village, as it is without fire protection of any description.