To The Editor,

    This letter is long overdue. We moved to Vankleek Hill from the the West Island five years ago. We had a great home in Kirkland, but when we retired early, we decided to downsize and start the next phase of our lives.
We found a beautiful home, and we immediately fell in love with the culture and people of this amazing community. Having been a paperboy in my youth delivering the Montreal Star, I have always been drawn to reading any, and all newspapers. It goes without saying that I was immediately drawn to The Review and enjoy your issues thoroughly, it has been one of our best discoveries.
Publishing a newspaper is challenging and may be a dying art, but I know it will survive and continue to make a contribution to your readership. The Review is definitely a pillar of this community, not only because of its storied past and history, but it’s ability to evolve and keep up with the times. Kudos to you and your team for their commitment and hard work, the reporting and coverage is second to none.
We look forward to each issue, and you can count on our subscription for years to come!
Thank you and keep up the great work!
Gianni Piovesan & Shirley Eaton, Vankleek Hill