At around 11 p.m. on December 16, the MRC d’Argenteuil Sûreté du Québec detachment was informed by a citizen that they heard a sawing sound near a vehicle on Route du Canton (Route 148) in Brownsburg-Chatham. Police quickly arrived and saw the suspect cutting a catalytic converter from a vehicle.  The suspect fled on foot after seeing the police officers leaving tools behind.  Police apprehended the suspect after a short foot chase.

Catalytic converters are often sought by thieves because of the precious metals contained in them.

Another police officer searched and located the suspect’s vehicle in the parking lot of a convenience store and arrested a second suspect who attempted to hide in the vehicle.

Two men aged 21 and 22, from Montebello and Grenville-sur-la-Rouge were arrested and then taken to the SQ station to be met by investigators.

The 21-year-old appeared at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse the next day, where he was to face charges of theft and mischief. The 22-year-old was released on a promise to appear. He must return to at a later date at the Saint-Jérôme courthouse and could face charges.

The investigation is continuing to see if the suspects could be linked to other thefts of catalytic converters in the area.