“We are the keepers of history,” claims Erin Satoor.  Erin, her husband Andrew and daughters Charlotte and Jaden moved from Newmarket into an 1805 schoolhouse on County Road 10, just outside of Vankleek Hill in July 2020. Of their motivation to move east, Erin says “We have family in Ottawa and one of our daughters has special needs, so we wanted to be near CHEO.”

The building needed a lot of work, which the couple have been doing since taking possession. “I love history and the many century buildings in Vankleek Hill,” Erin says. ‘The Vankleek Hill Museum was very helpful in giving us the history of the schoolhouse, which was known as SS#5.”

During their renovation of the property, they discovered an attendance sheet from 1905, which they now have framed in their family room. “I plan to check the names and see if the descendants are still living in the area,” she says.