“Vankleek Hill is the place where I belong, where I feel I fit,” says Reenie Marx. She and her husband Wendell moved to the town in November 2011 from Harrington. A retired teacher and photographer, Reenie loves village life, where she can walk everywhere she wants to go.

“I think it’s my fate to be here,” she says. “I’m like a religious convert. In which other small town would you find a community art gallery or a newspaper? Or an independent food bank?” Reenie claims her real introduction to the community came in 2013, when she started volunteering at the Arbor Gallery and went on to exhibit there and sit on the board.

“Where we lived in Harrington, our closest neighbour was a half mile away,” she remembers. “Suddenly, I was in a town where I could walk to a yoga class and where there was a parade or a festival every other week.”