“It was like moving to another decade,” claims Susie Fairbrother of her move to Vankleek Hill in November 2017. “Due to the lack of traffic, children played in the street and folks were so friendly.”

Susie has lived in Edmonton, British Columbia, Mexico and most recently, Montreal. She, her husband Tim and brother Tom wanted a simpler life, but one where they could be close to family in Montreal. “From May to November 2017, we scoured the whole area,” she says. “We fell in love right away with the charm of the old houses, the festivals and the fact that I can walk everywhere.”

An artist who recently had an exhibition at Arbor Gallery, Susie is so taken with Vankleek Hill that she has persuaded her daughter Charlotte and her family, who lived in Dundas, Ontario to sell their house and move here as well. “It’s the perfect place to live,” she says.