A new exhibition: Wayfairings / Passages d’Esprits by Susie Fairbrother and Sylvie A. Bouchard at the Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre. November 12th through December 20th. 

In the exhibition ‘Wayfairings / Passages d’Esprits,’ local artists Susie Fairbrother and Sylvie A. Bouchard create a space of wonder that explores our external and internal worlds. Fairbrother’s whimsical impressions of nature and memory foster a sense of curiosity and joy, and Bouchard’s deep exploration of the emotional and spiritual realms inspires self reflection. Fairbrother and Bouchard’s journeys inspire viewers to playfully rove into the nature of the world outside and the nature that dwells inside.  

“This is a wonderful show. Your paintings will bring gladness to our hearts. Thanks for all your hard work and determination to create beautiful works of art.” Samme Putzel   

Susie Fairbrother brings her varied artistic practices that drift with movement, colour, beauty of place, or at times it’s about the people, creatures and the places they call home, but a constant is the crow who flies with her as a storyteller. “ My work interprets all the beauty I see while leaving all my stories behind as I go. I feel so fortunate, as painting is my great pleasure.” 

Sylvie A. Bouchard is a self-described emerging artist and describes her mixed media practice as in the in-between space where form and non-form blend in meditation. 

Bouchard had this to say about her first exhibition: “As an emergent artist, and in spite of all pandemic restrictions,  participating in my very first exhibit allows me to share my art and receive the reactions it elicits – such a gift as I move forward on my artistic journey.”

More information about the exhibition can be found at: www.facebook.com/arborgallery

Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre is located at 36 Home Avenue in Vankleek Hill.