Grenville village council meet on November 2 and approved the receipt of $106,666 from the Québec Ministère des Affaires municipals et de l’Habitation in COVID-19 financial aid.  Village Director-General Alain Léveillé said that the funding has been allocated to all municipalities across Québec based on population to help cover lost revenue due to the pandemic.

The vacant tourist information building, currently located at the corner of rue Principale and rue Maple (Route 344) at the foot of the Long Sault Bridge, will be moved to its new location by the boat launch and pier at the end of rue Canal Nord in December.  No exact date for the relocation has been set.  The move had been postponed from June.

Council approved the purchase of four speed limit signs with amber flashing lights to be installed in each direction of rue Principale near Grenville Elementary School and École Dansereau-St-Martin.  The total cost of the new signal lights is $14,957 plus taxes.

New safety nets will be installed around the baseball park at a cost of $19,170.00.