To The Editor,

In recent publications in the Review’s Letter to the Editor, opponents to the Colacem project are repeating the tired rhetoric that has been their mantra for the last nine (9) years.

Please do not assume that I do not care about Mother Earth. I live here also. In the nine years since Colacem made their application to establish the facility, the world population has increased by a net figure of 753,604,000 +/- persons.

That fact in itself impacts various facets of life on the planet, in brief food resources, shelter, medicine, environment and growing waste levels to mention a few. This population explosion continues at an accelerated rate putting greater demands for raw materials.

Let’s get closer to home with the recent approval of a subdivision in Vankleek Hill, which when completed in 2035 will have a potential of an additional 1000 +/- persons . That means numerous materials will be employed to create roads, housing, shopping, etc.

Innovations in technologies over the last nine years have and are continuing to develop methods to overcome the exact situations (pollutants) produced by heavy industry described in the orators letters opposing the Colacem project. Once again a local example of addressing past sins would be Ivaco Rolling Mills. Other major facilities such as Markham District Energy and Stelco have undertaking new technologies in demonstrations to reduce pollutants with positive results. Baby steps lead to major change. There is no indication that Colacem will be any less responsible.

Industry is very much aware now of their responsibility and their obligation to adhere and comply to current government regulations now and in the future.

Our affluent lifestyle is just as responsible for the demands we put on industry thus creating more pollutants . We want to have the latest articles available (housing, automobiles, boats, ATV’s, ect.)to make our lives more convenient, more entertaining, more fun or just because it’s there. This is where I might ask “What are you giving up to save the environment?”

An important aspect that has eluded discussion is that of the economics of the region. The pandemic has made everyone realize how vulnerable we are, not only as individuals but as a community and a country. The effects of COVID are not going away for some time causing emotional and financial concerns. Revenues from a completed facility such as Colacem will have positive effects in many respects.

I would ask naysayers to do the own independent review of this or any other issue that may arise in the future, for as long as humans occupy this earth, challenges will continue to confront us and future generations.

Jim Walsh,