To the editor,

When there was a notice of a hearing about the application to amend the building by-lay of a vacant lot on Home Street one would come to believe that the matter was somewhat dependent on the citizens of the town, as they were inspired to respond.

In the case of the by-law as it affects vacant lands between 94 and 86 Home Ave, Part 4 and Plan 46R1888, Plan M30 with the roll number 0209.010.001.4514 in the former Town of Vankleek Hill, it appears that some provincial law requires places such as Champlain Township to render an amendment to the current By-Law without respect to the taxpayers within the area.

It is now understood that the amendment will or has been approved.

Having a substantial number of citizens opposed to this change one would think the Mayor or Council would explain their reason.  So far we get silence.

Dennis King, Vankleek Hill