Safe summer outings: Canada Agriculture and Food Museum opening on July 29

Visitors can better prepare for their visit to the soon-to-be reopened Canada Agriculture and Food Museum – one of three museums under Ingenium – Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation.
E-tickets are available for the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum as of July 29

E-tickets will be available for online purchase as of July 29, in advance of the museum’s reopening (July 30-31 for members and August 1 for the public). All visitors must purchase a ticket through online admissions and select a specific time to visit. Note that members will be required to reserve their time slots through the same e-ticketing portal. The museum offers free admission to all visitors for the final hour of the day.

Updated visitor information is now online

The museum is ready to welcome visitors again, to enjoy our exhibitions, and spend some time with the animals! Bring your picnic and share time with your friends and family on our beautiful site. To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for our visitors, staff, and herds alike, the museum has introduced new health and safety guidelines, including physical distancing, reduced visitor capacity, and face masks for enclosed public spaces.
Full details on what visitors can expect during their visit to the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, in addition to guidelines on the new online ticketing system are available online. Click here to learn more.
Important dates

The Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

  • Reopening on August 1 (members preview July 30-31)
  • E-tickets available for purchase as-of July 29
  • Updated visitor information now available

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum:

  • Reopening on August 8  (members preview August 6-7)
  • E-tickets available for purchase as of August 4
  • Updated visitor information available as of July 30

The Canada Science and Technology Museum

  • Reopening date on August 14 (members preview August 12-13)
  • E-tickets available for purchase as of August 10
  • Updated visitor information available as of July 30

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