On the recommendation of the public health authorities, the Québec government announced that as of Monday, August 3, the maximum number of people allowed during indoor and outdoor events will increase from 50 to 250 people, while respecting known and established hygiene rules and instructions, particularly physical distancing.

This new rule applies to public places and not to indoor and outdoor gatherings of a private residence or chalet, where the gathering size remains at 10 people.

Indoor events

The increase to 250 people applies to performance halls, theatres and cinémas across Québec, as well as to the public attending a production, an indoor audiovisual shoot, or an indoor show recording. Standing spectators must maintain a distance of two metres between them, as far as possible. People over the age of 12 should also wear a mask or face cover when travelling unless they have a special medical condition. When spectators are seated, the physical distancing of 1.5 meters will be allowed, but it will not apply to people from the same household. Seated spectators will be able to remove their mask or face cover, but they must put it back on when travelling.

The increase in capacity to 250 people is also aimed at an indoor amateur sports training or event, as well as places of worship, courtrooms, and rented rooms, including community halls.

Outdoor events

As of August 3, outdoor events in public places with a maximum of 250 people will be allowed. As in other circumstances, a distance of two metres is necessary between people.  Failing which the wearing of a mask or face cover is compulsory for people over 12 years old, unless they have a medical condition.

Note that due to the significant risk of contagion and transmission of the virus, festivals and major events remain prohibited until August 31.