A change in funding is going to change the focus of a local tourism association.

When United Counties of Prescott and Russell council approved its 2020 budget, it included a $182,000 grant to Tourisme Prescott-Russell Tourism (TPRT), but it will be the final time the counties make such a contribution.  Council decided to no longer fund TPRT beginning in 2021.

Council had considered ending the funding in the 2020 budget but could not due to contractual obligations the counties have with TPRT for collaborative projects.  TPRT represents 100 tourism-related businesses and services from various sectors in Prescott-Russell with the objective of promoting and marketing the region as a tourism destination.

“We’re aware we are going to have to adjust and change our strategy for 2021,” said TPRT Communications and Marketing Coordinator Genviève Duval.

TPRT presently has a yearly budget of approximately $400,000.  Duval said a new board of directors with Audrey Lizotte of Ferme Artisan Farms of Fournier as Chair took office at the annual general meeting on November 27.  The board is developing a plan of action including new goals, a strategic plan, and efforts to secure other sources of funding for 2021.

Duval said the search for new sources of funding could influence the future functions or existence of TPRT, depending on what its members decide regarding how tourism should be promoted.