To The Editor,

Well, folks, the latest report on the extent of the climate emergency is out. Signed by more than 11,000 scientific types from around the world, they have come to a conclusion: we are doomed. Unless of course we change our way of life, and way of looking at life, drastically.

The mask is starting to come off the logic driving the global cooling, global warming, climate change, climate crisis pushers who claim to wish nothing but to save us from ourselves. This report dares to mention that final solution; the one great leap mankind could do to save the planet once and for all: Population control. This is not new and has been around in general theory for some time. The report just brought the subject into the spotlight.

Trouble is, we are now in an emergency situation with no time to spare. Best estimates are that we have until 2032, or maybe with luck 2050 to put the world in order. So how to get the population down to an acceptable level in that time span? The question lies open but the urgency is there. This solution might seem draconian to some, but to true believers in the cause it is the only way.

How much should the population decline and how should the reduction be accomplished? Ted Turner, founder of CNN, suggested that a total world population of 250 to 300 million would be “ideal”; a 95% drop. Considering the short time span left to work in, even an event such as the 1919 flu pandemic, deadly as it was, would only reduce the population by about 4%. Not nearly enough. All-out war might be considered as a possibility. But modern warfare would probably turn the countryside into a form of glass uninhabitable for any creature. Creative minds will have to discover a solution for that problem, and quick.

From the report. “The world population must be stabilized and, ideally, gradually reduced, within a framework that ensures social integrity.” Just negating the 220,000 additional souls who arrive on this earth every day could be a challenge, let alone reductions. No time to waste though. Lest it all come to freezing, blazing, flooded, parched end in 2050. At the latest.

There is an up side. (Or down. These days it it hard to tell one from the other). Those 250,000,000-plus close friends and relatives who remain will have a paradise. Endless resources, cheap real estate, average temperatures year round, and artificial intelligence to do all the nasty labour.

What could possibly go wrong?

Gordon Fraser