To The Editor,

In response to a recent letter concerning the future of the original community patchwork mural, here is additional information that can help the reader gain a more informed opinion about our decision to return individual panels to their original sponsors and to offer other panels to members of our community:

– All decisions involving the original patchwork mural and its reproduction were made in the spirit of ensuring its valued permanence in the community.

– The decision to replace the original mural with as accurate a reproduction as possible was informed from consultation with the original artist, other artists, art professionals from Montreal, and community members. It was determined that the original mural could not be rehabilitated due to the deterioration of the wood and its paints. An attempt to repair a portion of the mural was not successful.

– The decision in determining what to do with the original mural was made through consultation with the original artist, and with those original sponsors who financed the mural’s panels. These original sponsors showed interest in acquiring their individual panels.

– In addition, several members of the community came forward to express their desire to acquire and show unclaimed panels.

– Any revenue earned from the purchase of the old panels will go to pay for the upcoming installation of the replacement mural.

– Quite a few of our local, practicing artists voluntarily contributed their time, energy, and talent to recreate those historical mural panels. This activity has been a community-wide effort and not the work of one artist. A big “thank you” should go out to all those who helped make this project a success.

Finally, it is our hope that many of the panels of the old mural will be erected throughout our community where they will be treasured, protected, and enjoyed for years to come.

With much appreciation,

On behalf of Arbor Gallery Cultural Centre

Mark Greenwald,
Vankleek Hill