To The Editor,

The article concerning the current repainting of the Community Patchwork Mural project is one more example of “local” people who fail to appreciate the full value of our historical heritage.

Whereas Ms. Turpin is to be highly commended for her dedication to repainting (more accurately, copying) the original mural, the concept of cutting up the original work of art by Lis Skelly and Odile Tetu is extremely distressing.

The original mural is a fine example of two extraordinary artists who painted irreplaceable portraits of local historical figures and who commemorated local history for this community to celebrate with pride.

That the panels would be cut into pieces and offered for sale is equivalent to cutting up a Rembrandt or Michelangelo masterpiece. To raise money?… for what…for whom?

These mural panels should be preserved, treasured and displayed in their entirety.

There are many possibilities to save this work of art. Please do not destroy this irreplaceable local treasure that we can still preserve for future generations be proud of.


Samme Putzel
Vankleek Hill