The Parc Canin Hawkesbury Dog Park volunteers are organizing a Fall Preparation Day on Saturday, October 19. They are looking for some volunteers to help with the following tasks:
– Empty out shed and reconfigure it for storage of all benches, water barrel, agility equipment, dog houses.
– Repair two sides of the shed and door before refilling it.
– Repair or replace the lock on the shed door
– General clean-up.
If anyone has any special skills for the above tasks and can donate some time, please email [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]
The group celebrated its 5th anniversary at an event at the dog park on September 14 and wants to thank the following sponsors: Pet Value, Amanda’s Bark Lounge, Vankleek Hill Vineyard,Independent Grocer, Barbaby’s Treats, Town of Hawkesbury, Grand Stan and Denise Tesher, Animatch, Therapeutic Paws of Canada, Alain Girouard Animal Massage and the volunteers who made the day possible. 
The Parc Canin Hawkesbury Dog Park is located on ruePhilippe Street in Hawkesbury. Users are reminded to kindly clean up after their dogs if they bring their dogs there and also: no food items are permitted in the park.