To The Editor,

According to the International Institute on Sustainable Development, Canada’s governments (with taxpayer dollars) directly support the oil industry to the tune of $3.3 billion per year.

In 2015, Trudeau promised that, if elected, his Liberal government would put an end to fossil fuel subsidies. Once elected, in the early months of his government’s mandate, he quickly specified that the Liberals promised end to these Big Oil subsidies would come during a second term in Office.

Whether or not the Trudeau Liberals indeed get a second term in office will be determined by this October’s coming election. Such said, I for one have yet to hear the Liberals reminding us of their 2015 promised end to their Corporate Oil Industry subsidies. Not a word as to the date when this Corporate welfare tap will be shut.

Why are the Scheer Conservatives not running with this golden opportunity to tell Canadians of what appears to be, like Electoral Reform, yet another looming broken promise? The reason for the Conservatives’ silence is quite simple. Because the Conservatives, like the Liberals, plan to continue to subsidize their Corporate Oil industry friends. “You don’t bite the hand that feeds you” seems to be their motto.

That the OECD has identified that our country’s Corporate Welfare expenditures are greater than our Social Welfare expenditures is not something Conservatives have any burning desire to tell Canadians. Especially not when their favourite cuts are cuts to public health, education and welfare expenditures. Right Premier Ford?

Oh sorry, Mr. Scheer, I forgot I’m not suppose to put his name and yours in the same sentence until the election’s over.

But I digress.

The simple truth is that seriously dealing with the climate crisis before us, within the little more than a decade our world’s leading scientific experts (the International Panel on Climate Change or IPCCC) have said we have to do so, would logically require us to put an end to our fossil fuel subsidies asap.

But beyond the rhetoric, the Liberals buying a pipeline and the Tories promising to build more tells me that’s not in the cards for either the Liberals, the Conservatives or, i’m sad to say, …for today’s children. We can simply go along our merry way and continue to kick the can into the void that lies ahead by hanging on to our pattern of dead-ended, go nowhere pattern of Corporate-led Liberal and Conservative False Majority Governments.

If we aren’t happy with that, we, you and I, can change the status quo. We can vote to see a minority government with the balance of power in the hands of the GREEN &/or NDP.  Continuing on our present course with no timelined strategic plan to go to war – yes war – against our real enemy – our own complacency vis-à-vis the ecological crisis jeopardizing the habitability of the planet. Staying on our present course is tantamount to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic as it was going down.

Rather than simply go on kicking the can into a helter skelter void, serious consideration should be given to voting either Green or NDP: the only parties committed to no more pipelines.

The Green Party’s Mission Possible is the only platform with an outlined and time lined plan to address climate change. It should not be simply cynically kicked aside but seriously considered as the possible blueprint a Minority govt should work from to develop an all-party agreed-to go-forward ten year plan for our country.

No Canada can not and will not save the planet. No one country can on its own. But, knowing what we do about the ecological crisis all around us, we can, and must do our share, in our own backyards, our own municipalities, our own corner of our global village, if the reverence of life beyond our own carries any weight. We like to think we’re good at punching our weight, let’s prove it.

Gary Champagne,