Manganese is making Casselman’s water brown–but it’s still safe to drink

It’s manganese, it looks bad, but it will not hurt you.

That’s the message from the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) and the Municipality of Casselman.

Water from the municipal system has been discoloured and brown lately, but OCWA and the municipality say it is manganese, a naturally occurring mineral that comes from the bed of the South Nation River during the summer when temperatures are high, and precipitation is low.  The river is the source of Casselman’s water supply.

According to a statement on the municipal website, the manganese “is an aesthetic property only and that in no way indicates the water is unsafe for human consumption.”

The water is meeting all of the regulatory requirements of the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks.

OCWA and the municipality understand the colour of the water can be an inconvenience to residents but want them to know efforts are being made at the water treatment plant to minimize the effect manganese is having on the water supply.

The municipality anticipates the appearance of the water will begin to improve around the middle of this week.

James Morgan

James Morgan is a freelance contributor. He has worked for several print and broadcast media outlets. James loves the history, natural beauty, and people of eastern Ontario and western Quebec.

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One thought on “Manganese is making Casselman’s water brown–but it’s still safe to drink

  • August 11, 2019 at 10:25 pm

    We had our water tested by two different companies. Both were more concerned with the chlorine levels being higher than a normal swimming pool. One also said that manganese is not in this river naturally.

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