Prescott and Russell counties has lost a village but it gained a new municipality.

On July 9, Casselman council unanimously approved changing the classification of the municipal government from Village of Casselman to Municipality of Casselman.

The change was proposed by Councillor Francyn Leblanc and seconded by Councillor Marcel Cléroux.

Mayor Daniel Lafleur said the change reflects the growing community.

“We’re not a village, we’re a small town and growing,” he said.

Lafleur said designating Casselman as a municipality could also bring it advantages when it comes to securing grants and other support from the provincial and federal governments.

The mayor said that when officials in Toronto or Ottawa hear the village designation, they could think that Casselman is a small place with 300 people, not a growing community with a population of 3,700.

The designation will be phased in gradually as municipal documents and signage need replacement at no additional cost to the municipality.

“It’s still Casselman,” said Lafleur, noting that people will probably still refer to the centre of the municipality as the village.

Ontario’s Municipal Act allows councils to choose whatever designation they want for a municipality.  The classification according to population requirement was discontinued in 2002.

After Casselman’s switch in designation, there are only 10 municipalities left in Ontario that are officially classified as villages.  The only other one in Eastern Ontario is Westport, north of Kingston.