Summer is here, schools are out and families are planning their summer holidays.  Road trips are an ever-popular way for many families to take vacations by exploring new places.  Younger children often get bored and restless on the journey though.

To help make sure you and your family have the best trip possible, the Champlain Library in Vankleek Hill have “Are we there yet?” kits available to borrow for up to three weeks. The kits are made up of books, games, crafts and even scavenger hunts and are suitable for all ages.

So, whether you plan on spending time at the cottage, driving to visit family and friends or taking a train ride to view the scenery, the “Are We There Yet?” kits could be your new best friend.

Stop by the Champlain Library or call 613-678-2216 to find out more information about these kits or the popular Summer Reading Club.