The municipality of Grenville-sur-la Rouge is stepping up by-law enforcement efforts.

At the June 11 council meeting, council formally approved the hiring of Miriam Richer-McCallum to fill a vacancy.  According to the council meeting agenda, Miriam Richer-McCallum will serve as a “designated officer to inspect and issue offenses in relation to all by-laws.”

However, the resolution approved by council states that Miriam Richer-McCallum will be focusing on three specific by-laws.  They are those addressing nuisances, peace, security and order in public places, and parking and traffic on municipal roads.

Mayor Tom Arnold said during the council meeting that her role will be as an assistant environmental inspector with the authorization to issue infractions.

The municipality is also taking additional steps to curb illegal parking on Chemin de la Rivière Rouge during the summer months.

An officer from private security firm GardaWorld has been sworn in to patrol the area and issue citations.

Parking along the road by Rivière Rouge was a significant problem during the summer of 2018.  Parked vehicles often made it difficult for traffic to pass through.  Unofficial and unauthorized campsites are also common along the river.

Grenville-sur-la-Rouge hired a GardaWorld officer in the summer 2018 for parking enforcement along Chemin de la Rivière Rouge.

Avoca Bridge

The municipality wants the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ) to prioritize repairs to the Avoca Bridge.  The bridge has been closed to all vehicle traffic since the end of May and the load limit on it had been limited to 5 tonnes since June, 2018.

Rehabilitation of the bridge is part of the MTQ’s priorities for 2020.  The municipality is notifying Transport Minister François Bonnardel, Argenteuil Member of the National Assembly Agnès Grondin, and the MTQ Laurentides-Lanaudiere regional office of the importance of making sure the work still goes ahead next year.


Council has authorized borrowing more than $1.1 million for resurfacing work on Kilmar and Harrington roads.

An additional $2 million is also being borrowed for resurfacing on Rawcliff, Scotch, and Avoca Roads.  However, the municipality is budgeting more than $2.2 million for the project.

Council approved hiring a quality control supervisor to monitor paving operations on municipal roads during the weeks ahead.