A concerned parent contacted The Review on June 19 following a situation they witnessed at a school bus stop in Vankleek Hill that morning.

The parent, who did not wish to be named, said a group of parents and elementary school children were waiting for the bus at the corner of Main and Pendleton streets.  The eastbound bus arrived and stopped, and an older blue SUV with a Québec licence plate behind it also stopped.

According to the parent, two men who appeared to be in their 50s were inside the SUV.  The driver got out and stood behind the door of the vehicle and proceeded to take photos of the children boarding the school bus.  The parent said the two men looked at the parents standing nearby and smiled before driving away once the bus had loaded.

The parents at the bus stop, and another standing nearby on a front porch were unsettled by what they had witnessed.  The parent who contacted The Review immediately called the OPP, school, and bus company to notify them.