About 40 enthusiastic students from l’École élémentaire catholique Saint-Victor helped Boisés Est to launch the Alfred Arboretum.

In collaboration with the agricultural and research college — Alfred campus (FERCA), Boisés Est took on the responsibility of enriching and enhancing the arboretum of the campus, which is essentially devoted to nut trees and other trees and shrubs (hazel, walnut, hickory, oak, etc.).

The students helped plant trees which were added to the existing collection: a beech (which will produce beech nuts), a Japanese walnut (or walnut heart, which will produce heart-shaped nuts) and a marsh oak (which will produce edible acorns).

With the experts from Boisés Est, students discovered the riches of the arboretum, and left with a small Siberian elm in a pot. A technical leaflet describing the characteristics of this tree accompanied the pot to guide families on choosing the best location for planting.

It should be noted that this activity benefited from a $ 500 grant from the municipality of Alfred-Plantagenet. Thanks goes to municipal councillor Ian Walker, who was on-site as well as Simon Durand, Director of FERCA, Jean-François Rainville, Director of École Saint-Victor, and four teachers. The Boisés Est group consisted of François and Lucie Gour, Louis Jubinville, Philippe Brennan, Leila and Jean-Claude Havard.