To The Editor,

While the recent flood emergency is far from over, we may be past the worst of it. We can hope so ,anyway. And so I would like to say something publicly about how the issue was handled here in Champlain Township. I can speak only regarding the experience myself and my own family went through but what I have to say is this: Bravo, Champlain Township. Well done. Organized, communications up and running, personnel prepared, material and supplies laid on and stockpiled in advance. I don’t know all the people involved in this effort but the Director of Public Works, Mr. James McMahon was certainly one of the key players. And in particular, we would also like to publicly thank all the members of the L’Orignal Fire Department. Right from the start we had their immediate and continuing support and it never faltered. Evaluating individual situations, delivering and helping to place sandbags, giving good advice, checking up on people, being a cheerful and positive presence in a dicey situation, and doing it all 24/7, these guys deserve a standing ovation and they’ll get one from our family. Well done, all of you!
Colin Affleck and Family
Proud Residents of Champlain Township