Flood waters are receding, but residents are warned that that levels could stay about the same if heavy rainfall in the forecast arrives on Thursday and snowmelt from northern regions continues to keep local river levels high.

But municipalities are sharing plans for clean-up.

Clarence-Rockland says that it is working on a post-flood clean-up, noting that it filled 270,000 sandbags to date.

The bags are biodegradable, it says, and notes that a wet sandbag has an approximate lifespan of two months and that mold can quickly develop. Bags filled with dry sand and stored indoors may last up to a year.

The City has about 262,000 unused bags in storage.

Used sandbags will be used to cap waste at the municipality’s landfill site. As per the province’s Environmental Compliance standards, the City is required to cap waste material daily to prevent seepage and run-off, which keeps wildlife from coming into contact with landfill waste.

The City is currently working on a clean-up plan and the details of that plan will emerge shortly, it says.

For non-emergency flood information, please call 211 or 1-877-761-9076 or visit: https://easternontario.ca/record/OCR4589.

For all emergencies, residents are reminded to call 911.