The 35th annual Hawkesbury Industrial Hockey Tournament continued last weekend at The Robert Hartley Sports Complex as 19 teams in three more divisions played for the titles in the 18+, 35+ and the Denise Lauzon (Ladies) Divisions.

The Ottawa Vikings defeated the Eastern Ontario Polar Bears to win the Women Division title. In the 35+ Division Team Landriault Tire stopped the Babin Team winning streak as the Alfred team won 7-2 in finale.

The most exciting finale was the 18+ Division A-Main as the Dupont Stone Slinger and the No Regrets-Kys Teams had to battle hard until the second overtime period to decide of the champion. The No Regrets-Kys team clinched the 2019 Hawkesbury Industrial Hockey Tournament 18+ Division A-Main Title. The Secrets Team went home with the 18+ Division B-Main champions’ trophy.

Text and photos by S.Lauwers


The Vikings won the Denise Lauzon ladies division in the Hawkesbury Industrial Hockey tournament last weekend.

Team Landriault won the Canadian Tire division (35+) in the Hawkesbury Industrial Hockey Tournament, which took place last weekend.