To The Editor,

We may  not have been able to view the workings of the budget but some things pop out that are truly debatable.

$169,000 for a Splash Park?

The splash park in Vankleek Hill was completed by a major fundraisers covering almost the total cost of the project.

Outdoor rink — several thousand in draft budget.

The outdoor rink in Vankleek Hill was paid for by fundraisers and a major donation of the rink boards.

Trading in a 2011 truck with 140,000 kilometres to be replaced by a four-by-four truck?

And the list, I am sure, can go on and on.

Can the taxpayers (stakeholders) in Champlain afford all these debatable luxuries?

The overall preliminary budget shows a  deficit of 12.66% if expenses versus revenues.

Can Champlain taxpayers afford a 12.66% increase in property taxes not counting the coming United Counties of Prescott-Russell budget?

The taxes by monthly installments has increased by five per cent, not taking the new budget into account.

I would like the Champlain council to take into consideration the demographics within Champlain, be it low-income earners, seniors etc that are the real financiers of the township, the proper taxpayers. The majority cannot simply adjust / increase our earnings (salaries) to fit a tax review or increase.

Also within the draft budget  proposal, there is no significant mention of new and or additional revenues, indirectly meaning little or no economic development?

There has to be something or are we really stagnant?

Richard Charest, Champlain Taxpayer (Stakeholder)