Operation Spay & Neuter (OSN) of Hawkesbury wants to remind you that it is always in need of help as it cares for homeless felines. When it comes to the need for foster homes for cats, the need is especially urgent at this time of year, when extreme cold temperatures set in.

Whether you have a pet cat at home or would consider fostering, here is a something to think about from OSN: “If you can’t go outside in a regular jacket then your cat shouldn’t either.
Rain, not just snow, can cause illness and hypothermia. Your cat’s fur coat only really works when it’s dry.
If your cat’s fur gets matted from being wet or snowy it can’t trap heat among the hair filters like it should. Cat’s and dogs can freeze solid over night! Keep them indoors.”

The six cats shown in this image are waiting to be rescued. The two females have been spoken for but but if you can help by fostering one or two of these cats please message the organization via its Facebook page. Their lives depend on it.