Could Wentworth be the next big resort destination?

It might be, if a group of investors make their ideas a reality.

Investors have expressed an interest in developing recreation-based tourism opportunities in the township, but, “It’s all very preliminary,” according to township general manager Natalie Black.

No dollar value is yet been placed on the possible investment, and Black said the investors are only in preliminary talks with some property owners.

The investors incorporated themselves as a company called Wentworth Integrated Resorts Inc. on July 3, 2018, according to the Canada Business Corporations Act, as corporation number 10868361.

The company has no listed telephone number or website but has a postal address on Rue Mackenzie in Montréal.

The Canada Company Registry website lists six directors for Wentworth Integrated Resorts. Five of them have addresses in Montréal or Westmount, and one is in Queensland, Australia.

On October 18, 2018, one of the directors, Diane Charlton of Westmount, became registered as a lobbyist on behalf of the company with the Québec government’s Registre des lobbyistes.

Black said the recreational, integrated tourism the investors have in mind involves things like hotels and walking trails.

The township has informed the investors that protecting the natural environment and emphasizing sustainability are an objective of the MRC d’Argenteuil.

There are also concerns over managing urbanization and increased road traffic.

A statement from the township said the investors have agreed to comply with municipal policies and objectives, and that the township wants to ensure a quality living environment for residents is maintained.

Wentworth and the MRC will be requesting more studies from the company to address these issues during the year ahead.

“It’s something our municipality is going to be looking at during the next year,” said Black.

The company will provide the studies to the township’s Urbanism Consulting Committee and Environment Consulting Committee. Public information sessions will also take place.