To The Editor,

Today, it will be three weeks that the main artery on Highway #34 is closed.

This was to be a two-week project. Yes, we had days with rain, but then again: why was this project not started earlier in the season? We did have a very dry summer on record.

Not sure if the planner of this project is from Canada; he must have known that we do get frost early in this part of the country.

Also, the detours were also very poorly planned. Why let these big heavy loaded trucks travel on country roads? They should have left them on the #417 to connect to where they want to go or the #17.

We live on Aberdeen Road East and our road now has cracks all over the place. Newton Road is a mess and so is Aberdeen Road West. There is no gravel left on these roads; I cannot speak for the other roads as I have not been on them.

I have not seen a police cruiser on our road since this all started, despite speeding, passing on a solid yellow line, dumping garbage, letting their dogs do their thing, etc.

I wish I had taken pictures.

We have had several people ring our doorbell to ask for directions and more people turning around on our driveway even during the night.

Now for the big question. Who will repair our roads and put gravel back on them where it is needed? I have a feeling that we, the taxpayers will have to deal with that bill.

By the way, we picked up the garbage with the help of some of our neighbours. We like to keep our roads clean.

We do believe that one of these days all this will be finished. I feel sorry for the people on Highway #34; they will have to wait till 2019 to be able to say it is finished.

Once again, people have again made us have less respect for some of them, so sorry to have to admit that.

Mrs. Romy Eichler, Vankleek Hill