Here is an update from walker-runner Robert Hardy from North Glengarry:

It has been a difficult two weeks breaking  records while dealing with a virus that would not go away. The virus has finally departed and I’m looking forward to walker racing my final 35-km time trial at The Cornwall Civic Complex on Thursday, October 4th, raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Society and marathon training.

All that will be left is the final marathon of 2018, The Toronto Waterfront Marathon on October 21:  my five-hour Toronto Marathon, which brings me one step closer to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Racing with a virus. September 23. Army Run Ottawa, Half-Marathon. Personal best time of  2 hrs, 24 min, 19 sec. My final half-marathon of 2018. On Friday, I considered cancelling. On Sunday morning I considered dropping out. In the end I just decided to finish.

September 29: Community Run, Alexandria 10-km. Personal best time of  1 hr, 3 min and 38 sec. My final 10-km race of 2018. My thoughts before the start. It’s only 10-km I can finish the race.

2018 has been my best walker racing year ever.  I said the same at the end of 2017. Best 2018 Half marathon. Army Run Ottawa  2.24.15  Best 2017 Half marathon Lachine/Bonneville 2.33.50, 9 minutes, 35 seconds faster than 2017

Best 2018 10-km run, Alexandria. 1.03.38  Best 2017 10-km. Alexandria. 1.04.04  26 seconds faster than 2017. Not my favourite distance.

Best 2018 Marathon time. Ottawa 5.26.58  Best 2017 Marathon time. Ottawa 6.03.58, 37 minutes faster than 2017.

Toronto Waterfront Marathon, October 21st.   The final marathon of 2018. 5 hours????

  1. New. 35-km time trials. Marathon training sessions.  July 30th. 4.05.19 September 6th . 3.59.18 5 minutes  faster than July 30th.  Final 35-km October 4th.