Garden Path Homemade Soap Company is hosting a special event for would-be painters. On Sunday, September 16, Navy Chadsey will guide attendees through an afternoon of painting in the garden.
Everyone will be seated in the shade under a willow tree on the Garden Path property and can look at their surroundings and choose what they would like to paint, says 24-year-old fine arts enthusiast Chadsey.
“I will be there to help people with techniques, so that they can paint what they want to paint. This isn’t about everyone painting the same picture. It’s an opportunity for people to have creative freedom. No one will be told what to do,” Chadsey explained.
The former Vankleek Hill area resident now lives in Embrun. The Concordia graduate in Fine Arts and Psychology says she used to do volunteer arts teaching, but says the idea for the craft and art “experience” workshops came about due to a staff party, where she was asked to organize a painting party.
“Create with Navy” grew from there, she says, adding that this is something she does for enjoyment. She has a full-time job teaching art to people with disabilities.
“This doesn’t feel like work,” she adds, explaining that she can accept up to 40 people in painting classes. But there’s more. Chadsey says she and does print-making, watercolours, murals and other creative arts with groups.
People do ask for “experience” arts events, she said, adding that this weekend she is hosting one such event at a bachelorette.
It was when she was creating a garden-related painting for an event that Chadsey got the idea that it would be fun to host a painting event in a garden and teach in that environment. That is when she contacted Tara MacWhirter, owner of Garden Path Homemade Soap. MacWhirter was more than happy to add this event to the Garden Path schedule.
“One of our goals this summer was to host more activities and events on the property, thus supporting and encouraging other local business owners. We began the season with what has now turned into our annual Garden Party, then hosted garden tea parties on Wednesdays with Alisa & Birgit Wangemann of Kottage Kafe, followed by a yoga retreat with Juna Yoga and most recently the Artists in the Fields project organized by CAPRAC. When Navy approached us about her idea, we were thrilled to have a chance to be part of it!” said MacWhirter.

This is Navy Chadsey’s painting from her test run at Garden Path Homemade Soap on Pleasant Corners Road.

The painting session begins at 1 p.m. on Sunday, September 16 and will last about two and a half hours. There will be a short break about half-way through the session. Participants are asked to bring a blanket and to be prepared to sit under the willow tree to do their painting. Participants are advised to dress like an artist as painting smocks are not provided.

You can purchase tickets to this event on Eventbrite, or find the event on Facebook for more information and the ticket purchase link.

Or: contact Navy Chadsey directly by email: [email protected] or call 613-678-0212.

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