Great North Wrestling will be bringing a full evening of thrilling sports entertainment to Hawkesbury’s Robert Hartley Sports Complex on Sunday, August 26, 2018.

No strangers to Hawkesbury, Ottawa-based Great North Wrestling have been coming to town every year since 2007 (twice in 2011). During their last visit, they entertained the crowd at Confederation Park during Bike Fest.

This year will be special, for Great North Wrestling haven’t put on a show in the arena since 2016 (2014 if you count the big arena).

“It’s special to us, coming back to the large arena,” said Great North Wrestling competitor and promoter Devon “Hannibal” Nicholson.

“Last time I wrestled there back in 2014, I took on AJ Styles and he’s become WWE champion a few times since then.”

This year, Hannibal has something special planned for those in attendance. Being on a wrestling hiatus, one of the matches will be an exhibition kickboxing contest between himself and a 300-pound strongman competitor and karate black belt.

Seven events are planned for the evening. Among those, spectators will get to enjoy a womens’ title match and a 20-man Battle Royale to determine a new Canadian Champion, after the last one pushed the Great North Wrestling President after a match and was then stripped of his title.

Local legendary duo the Hart Throbs, comprised of Steven Levac and Jacques Lamoureux, will also have a retirement match at the event – a match that promises to be quite special for fans for the tag team.

Anyone interested in purchasing tickets can find more information on the town’s website, visit or simply head to the Robert Hartley Sports Complex, located at 425 Cartier Blvd, Hawkesbury, in person.