If you are thinking of becoming a municipal election candidate, or are considering becoming a candidate for school board trustee, you have until July 27, 2018 at 2 p.m. to register at your local municipality’s office.

If a candidate is uncontested, he or she will be elected by acclamation. If there are insufficient candidates to fill available seats, then the nomination period may be re-opened for a set time.

Champlain Township

In Champlain Township, there are currently four candidates register as mayoralty candidates. Paul Emile Duval (currently a Champlain Township councillor), Urbano Fumagalli, Helen MacLeod (currently a Champlain Township councillor) and Normand Riopel (currently a Champlain councillor) are listed as registered as of July 23 on the township’s website.

For councillor in Vankleek Hill, candidates Peter Barton and Troy Carkner (currently serving as Vankleek Hill councillor), have filed their nomination papers. For the L’Orignal ward, there are three candidates registered: Jacques Lacelle (currently a Champlain Township councillor representing the L’Orignal ward), André Roy, and Marc Séguin (currently a Champlain Township councillor representing the L’Orignal ward).

It will be a busy campaign in the ward of West Hawkesbury in Champlain Township, where six candidates have registered. Sarah Bigelow, James Caputo, Gerard Miner (currently a Champlain Township councillor representing the West Hawkesbury ward), Claudette Myre, Pierre Perreault (currently a Champlain Township councillor representing the West Hawkesbury ward), and Bryan Rodger are registered.

In L’Orignal, Jacques Lacelle, André Roy and Marc Séguin will be vying for two council seats. Lacelle and Séguin are existing councillors for the L’Orignal ward.

In Longueuil, two candidates are seeking election in that ward. Michel Paquette and Yvon St-Jean have registered as candidates.

For the Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’est ontarien, Sergine Rachelle Bouchard is a registered candidate, while Gilles Fournier is the candidate for the Conseil des écoled pugliques de l’est de l’Ontario. Corina Parisien is the candidate for Upper Canada District School board trustee.


In Hawkesbury, three candidates are in the race for mayor. Jeanne Charlebois (current mayor) will be on the ballot, along with Paula Assaly and former Hawkesbury councillor Gilbert Cyr.

Running for one of six council seats are: Grace Batista, Félix Blackburn, Lawrence Bogue, Raymond Campbell, Andr (Cham) Chamaillard, Carole Ghislaine Ladouceur, Karen Mingarelli, Pierre Ouellet, Yves Paquette, André Pilon, Antonios Tsourounakis and Marie Valérie.

André-Paul Lalonde is seeking the post of school board trustee for the Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien and Gilles Fournier is seeking the seat for the Conseil des écoles publiques de l’est de l’Ontario.

There is no candidate listed for the Upper Canada District School Board.

The Nation

Current mayor Francois St-Amour is seeking re-election and has competition. Veteran politician Denis Pommainville has also registered to run for mayor in The Nation Municipality.

There are four councillor seats available in The Nation Municipality. Marie-Noëlle Lanthier is the only candidate currently registered for Ward 1. For Ward 2, Pierre-Paul Beauchamps,  Alain Mainville and Danielle Sarault are seeking the council seat. For Ward 3, Danik Forgues is the only candidate so far and for Ward 4, and Francis Brière (incumbent) and David Edward Mushing are seeking the municipal council seat.

Martial Levac is seeking election as school trustee for the French Catholic school board.

East Hawkesbury

In East Hawkesbury, the following is a list of registered candidates as of July 23, 2018. If no additional candidates register by July 23, these candidates will be declared as elected.

Mayor: Robert Kirby (Incumbent)
Deputy-Mayor: Richard Sauvé (Incumbent)
Councillor: Karina Sauvé (Incumbent)
Councillor: Simon Rozon (Incumbent)
Councillor: Stéphanie Sabourin (Incumbent)
Trustee, Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario: Gilles Fournier
Trustee, Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien: Sergine Rachelle Bouchard

Trustee, Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario: Sue Wilson.


For mayor of Alfred-Plantagenet, Stéphane Sarrazin and Jean-Pierre Cadieux are contenders, challenging incumbent Fernand Dicaire.

For councillor in Ward 1, Dominique Perrier and René Beaulne (incumbent) are seeking the three available council seats.

For Ward 2, Chantal Galipeau, Jean-Claude Delorme, Ian Walker, Lynda Lemieux, Jeanne Doucet and Antoni Viau are seeking the three available municipal council seats.

The municipality now consists of only two wards, compared to the last municipal election, when there were four wards. You can see more about the new wards here.


School Boards

Roger Chartrand (Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien) is seeking election as a school trustee for Alfred-Plantagenet.


In Casselman three mayoralty candidates are vying for the leadership position. Incumbent Conrad Lamadeleine is facing challengers Daniel Lafleur and Claude Levac.

There are five councillor candidates seeking four council seats. Marcel Cléroux (incumbent), Paul Groulx, Anik Charron (incumbent), Joanne Sirois and Mario Laplante are registered candidates.

At the time of writing, lists of registered candidates for Alfred-Plantagenet were not available on that municipality’s website. The Review has asked for an update. It may be that new lists were in the revision process at the time we were seeking this information.