Federal and provincial MPs Francis Drouin and Amanda Simard were part of the parade. (photo: Cedrik Bertrand)


Alfred-Plantagenet Mayor Fernand Dicaire was right behind MPs Drouin and Simard, throwing the crowd some gifts.(photo: Cedrik Bertrand)


The festival’s float showcased live music, backed up by pure enthusiasm by volunteers. (photo: Cedrik Bertrand)


EVERYONE was dressed in the spirit of the occasion. (photo: Cedrik Bertrand)


The parade featured horses and riders of every size. (photo: Cedrik Bertrand)


Papanack Zoo’s latest resident : a six-month-old kangaroo. (photo: Cedrik Bertrand)


The Enfants en santé float did what it does best – showing off healthy children playing sports and handing out fruit to spectators. (photo: Cedrik Bertrand)