Lorene Turpin of Hawkesbury is sharing a letter she wrote recently to the Workers Compensation Board.



200 Front Street West

Toronto, Ontario  M5V 3J1

Re:  claim #30889197

I was extremely disappointed to receive your reply to my claim and cannot believe that you call yourselves “Workers Compensation” board.  You are clearly working for the companies’ benefits.

I did not go to the hospital because #1, I was leaving a toxic environment to get clean and I was not going to go to another toxic environment that would have further hindered my situation.  Number #2 is the fact that everyone knows the best place to get sick is in a hospital and I did not need further chemicals, toxins and or pathogens put into my body.  Number #3 is that I know for a fact that the hospital would have pushed to have me drink lots of water and flush my eyes and I refuse to ingest town water as it is full of chemicals that I do not need.  My body required good clean air, fresh clean water from my well and lots of rest and soothing music to heal my soul.  I did go to the health food store for Homeopathic remedies which helped a little with the inflammation of my face and then I decided to double up on my supplements and after a full two weeks I finally had the red, burning, itching, flaking inflamed skin on my face subside.  I then started to feel normal again.  And you are telling me that this is acceptable???!!!!!

Did you even take the time to ask any of my co-workers what they experienced in that environment?  Yes, I may be a little more sensitive than some but that is because I am chemical and toxin free and I should not have to be subjected to needless pathogens and allergens in my life.  I thought it was now illegal for companies to use toxic cleaning solutions in public places….and the majority of public places ban the use of perfumes and chemicals because of allergies.  I guess government offices are the exception to the rule.  Sad……

I know you will probably file this in File #13 but I hope you will read this and think about these types of  claims that are going to become more and more numerous in the future.

Sign me very disillusioned and upset,

Lorene Turpin,