To The Editor,

As the dust settles on last weekend’s Farm Fest and I have had a chance to cool down, and really take in the many comments people wrote, I’d like to say a few things.

First, want to apologize for allowing my frustration to find its way into my letter.  Learning that it was organized by local young people was good news to me, and I’d like to applaud the hard work that I know it took them to put the whole thing together.  Second, the entire thread of responses reminded me, in a big way, what I love most about Vankleek Hill, which is its tolerance, and willingness to “live and let live.”  Embracing our differences comes far closer to my basic values than feeling free to vent my short-term anger. We do share this wonderful town, and if I don’t happen to enjoy one event, or type of music, c’est la vie. So, folks, once again, my apologies to those whom I unintentionally offended, and thanks for your understanding…

Reenie Marx
Vankleek Hill