Delivering high-quality drinking water to residents is a priority for the Township of North Glengarry, which carries out a variety of maintenance jobs designed to keep the water works system in top shape. Regular maintenance also helps to identify any problems that might need to be resolved during upcoming summer construction projects.

One of these routine maintenance jobs is to periodically flush some of the water mains, particularly if it is believed that natural sediments may have built up inside the pipes.

On May 14, the North Glengarry Water Works Department will begin a comprehensive flush of the water mains in Alexandria and in Glen Robertson. Crews will begin by flushing the water near the Alexandria Water Treatment Plant, which is located at 22 Gernish Street, in Alexandria.

“We always start from where the water is cleanest and we push the water outwards. We are flushing out the system. Our team will be working in a very systematic order to get this done as quickly as possible,” said Dean McDonald, Water Works Manager for the Township of North Glengarry.

Flushing of the water system is expected to take between four and six weeks to complete. A crew of two water specialists will be tasked with performing maintenance on more than 140 hydrants and close to 500 water valves.

During this process, residents can expect to see water running down affected streets. There may also be periodic dips in water pressure. In some cases, affected homeowners may find that their tap water is cloudy, or yellow in colour.

If your water clarity is affected, you are advised to turn on all of the taps in your residence and to allow your water to run for five to ten minutes. This will help to remove the sediment from your pipes. If after 20 minutes, you do not see an improvement in your water clarity, please notify the Water Works Department of the Township of North Glengarry.

A new multi-purpose unit was purchased for the Water Works Department in 2015 to increase the efficiency of valve maintenance and replacement.

This unit includes a machine that is calibrated to operate and turn the water valves. It is capable of counting the turns, and measuring the torque on each individual valve. This cuts down on damage to the valves and it saves on the overall cost of seasonal maintenance.

In addition to improving the quality of the water by flushing out sediments, the bi-annual flushing of the system helps to identify which valves and hydrants need to be replaced, due to age or damage.

The township invests approximately $30,000 to upgrade these systems each year.  The system is flushed at least twice each year, once during the spring and again during the fall.

How will this affect residents?

Your tap water will be safe to drink, but during the flushing process taking place in your area, you may notice the following changes:

  • Your water may become cloudy or discoloured.
  • Your water supply may be interrupted for short periods of time
  • You may experience lower than normal water pressure.

Please contact the North Glengarry Water Works Department if your water remains discoloured after running your taps for more than 20 minutes. The Water Works Department can be reached at: 613-525-3087.